I was raised in France and went to l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts to become an architect. I grew up facing the ocean and staring at the horizon, which gave me a sense of adventure. I wanted to know what I would find on the other side of the horizon. 

 After completing my degree, I moved to San Francisco to expand my design knowledge. Then in 1980, I moved to New York where I have been working and living ever since. I embarked on a journey where I became a global advertising director for major agencies in the city. 

In 2001 Y&R offered me a post in Paris for 3 years. Returning to the headquarters in Manhattan, I expanded my experience globally working for a lot of different countries and cultures. 

My other love is graphic and furniture design. I love Architecture and I’m translating this passion into diverse furniture items people might want to live with. I like cooperation with clients and manufacturers to bring the best possible ideas to market. 

Advertising Resume available on request.