I was looking for a screen to divide a room in my loft, and I couldn’t find anything big enough
. Out of necessity, I created the Continental Divide, an aluminum screen on casters, winner of Metropolitan home 100.
Those earlier pieces were produced out of metal and glass. 
They appeared in the New York Times and other publications as well as the International Book of Design.

Pirogue sofa

This sofa is inspired by the shape and function of the Cajun canoe that slips into areas inaccessible to other crafts. It has a unique profile made of Wenge wood and leather. It has a sleek elegance, floating above the floor.

Bola bench

I was rolling a piece of paper back and forth and the undulations of the folds inspired the shape of this bench. It can be made in colorful acrylic, perfect for a deck outside.

Album table

Remember when you had to insert photos into those tiny corners to keep in your family album? This is the inspiration for this cocktail table where the glass top fits in the corner chrome legs just like a picture would. 

Lyon bed

The Lyon bed was designed for Casabianca in Miami. It looks majestic in the room, a combination of wood and leather. It stands proud, elegant with simple lines. 

Lilian sofa

This sofa comes in fabric or velvet, seen here at DellaRobbia Atelier, where  I have a long standing relationship. The sofa welcomes you with its comfortable, slanted sides.


The Lounge chair is inspired by the shape of a banana.
From its natural curves, the idea of Bana was born applying those curves to different items in the collection.


Tom Ford created a perfume called Noir Extreme.
The extreme elegance of the bottle was a catalyst of the OR&NOIR collection.


I love sitting down at the piano and caressing the keys. I always had a piano nearby to play whatever comes to mind.
The keys inspired this collection.


Every time I entered a cathedral as a child with my family I was always impressed by the organ perched at the back.
Notre Dame collection is dedicated to this majestic instrument


Chair design is quite challenging but I love the process of finding new ideas in this crowded field.
A paper clip inspired one chair. A clover leaf another.